Mesquite Wood Supply Products used in the new Lone Ranger film

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You have arrived at Americas #1 Mesquite Wood Supply Company! We offer quality mesquite firewood and raw lumber products. We deliver our products nationally through UPS and locally in El Paso TX via truck and trailer. Our mesquite firewood is even used as props in the new upcoming Lone Ranger film coming out in 2013!

Custom sized mesquite logs can be requested to fit your any need, contact us via email at to have custom sized logs delivered to your door.

Mesquite wood has long been revered for its beautiful appearance, sweet raspberry smell, and as a sturdy building material. It lends a delicious aroma to meats and vegetables when smoked, it produces gorgeous velvet colored hard wood products such as hard wood flooring, and of course is a superior firewood, producing unmatched heat and clean burning fuel, and in certain applications can even be processed into jet fuel!

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